Following our different product categories which we provide to our all pleasant customers.

Men’s Wigs

We have established our expertise in men wig manufacturer industry. Owing to such expertise, we are presenting a new product in our product range that is Filament Wig of different kind for people facing different hair problems. Our wide range includes products Custom Hair Wig, Filament Wig, Filament Patch, Men Hair Replacement Hair Piece System Toupees, and Stylish Hair Wig. The passion we have acquired for the company is because of the superior quality that comes with our product range.

Women’s Wigs

A dream of every women to have naturally good looking hair, especially an Indian women as she is known for her beautiful hair. But not every single women is able to see this dream come true due to various reasons like hair fall or some kind of deficiency. But don't worry if you are facing any such kind of problem, then we – a one of dominant women hair wigs exporters is here to help you. Our Women wig house has a superb collection of exceptionally good looking women hair wigs in various colors, textures, sizes and styles

Kid’s Wigs

Good looking Hair is one of the most important aspects of a person's look as it helps in enhancing a person's personality and also make a person look more attractive. All of the kids wigs made by us are tested on various parameters and if they have at par on every level then only dispatched them. We also work according to the specifications of our customers and guarantees complete customer satisfaction. Adrina Wigs is a company of men, women, kids & cancer patient hair wigs manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

Cancer Patient Wigs

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, a good natural looking wig is deemed a health accessory by some doctors. Custom wigs can provide patients with a healthy image of themselves. We at High Definition Hair build our custom wigs to virtually replicate anyone's hair. We can match length, color, texture, and even density to be worn in a ponytail or even braided! Our custom wigs mimic the natural growth pattern of your hair. They are constructed with a one of a kind scalp replica – specifically made to match your exact scalp color, which allows the wig to be worn in many different styles. Adrina Wigs provide a lefe to cancer patients in form of hair wigs.

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving is the art of integrating human hair with your own hair to give you the most natural full head of hair. There is nothing that you can’t do with this hair. Hair Weaving or the cosmetic covering of your baldness through a specially made hair unit has been attracting criticism and negative attention from the so-called ‘Hair Experts’ for a long time. They term this procedure as ‘Wig Fixing’, ‘Artificial’ etc. But in fact they do not understand this procedure at all and are not aware of its many advantages over other methods. The extra hair is added to the scalp directly. The extra hair is chosen only if it matches with the existing.

Hair Wigs Tapes

Adrina Wigs is looked upon as the topmost manufacturer and exporter of an extensive stock of Hair Wig Tape that also includes Patch Support Tape, Hair Wig Support Tape Roll, Hair Wig Shine Bonding Tape and Ultra Hold Glue. These are widely used in designing a variety of hair wigs. Made and processed by using high grade materials in compliance with industry standards, these are available for clients at reasonable prices. We have a wide range of wig tapes to fulfill all your taping needs. You can choose any one of them which suits your budget and requirements.

Hair Wigs Accessories

Hair rings and hair bands are cylindrically shaped hair accessories wound around the hair, designed to hold hair away from the face, or otherwise confine strands of hair. We offer our customers a number of high quality wig accessories too like Hair Patch Clips, Scalp Protector, Vapon No-Tape, and Hair Glue. These hair wig accessories are designed and formulated by experts of top most brands.

Ultra Hold Glue

Ultra Hold is Acrylic based clear non-yellowing formula .This adhesive have the leading standard in soft bonding. Ultra hold is the ideal product for extended wearing of hair system bonding holds 3-6 weeks. Ultra hold is thicker use only single and thin layer. Allow dry before placing the unit on head. Ultra Hold Liquid Hairpiece Adhesive 3.4oz .2-6 weeks hold, depends from person to person and the climatic conditions.

Glue Remover

For those who want to change their looks dramatically, hair extensions offer the perfect combination of versatility and length. Although sew-ins are a very popular method of attaching extensions, glued hair is another approach that many people have been experimenting with. Instead of having to contend with sewn closures or the temporariness of clip-ins, glue-ins allow individuals to apply extensions on a strand-by-strand level. It is not surprising that people have been turning to this option more often as of late.

Machine Wefted Hair

Machine wefted or machine weft hair extensions refer to products which have been sewn or "wefted" to create the bundle of extensions. Loose or "bulk" hair is fed through a triple-head sewing machine to add a reinforced stitch near the top (root) of the individual strands. The hair is then folded over and stitched again to create the final wefted extensions. Machine wefted hair extensions can be found in our PURE, BOUNCE, HYSTERIA and SEA Collections. While mostly used as a technique for permanent extensions (sewn in), machine wefted hair extensions are also used as the base to create our line of clip in extensions in our Studio Collection.

Lace Wigs

Lace front wigs are the most practical kind of hair wigs or hairpieces available in today’s marketplace. It can be safe and sound and painless compared to other hair extensions. No unsafe chemicals are used for this, these are easy to wear and remove. A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp